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Sign Language At EOC


  • The Equal Opportunity Cell of the University of Delhi has become one of the centres of Indo-Pakistani Sign language (IPSL) studies and has thus established itself as a nodal centre for disseminating knowledge and information about Sign Language Studies and Sign Linguistics in India.

A 4-months long short-term course, titled Sign Language A Level is being offered at the DU-NTPC Centre since 2008 which acquaints students with the basic structure of IPSL and enables them to understand and communicate in sign language with some efficiency. The handbook of courses includes further details with regards to the syllabus, fee structure and duration of the course.

Since January 2010, the EOC stared a Sign language B Level course which helped further to make EOC into a favoured destination of students wishing to learn advanced level of Sign Language and Sign Linguistics.

These courses are taught by deaf teachers as EOC believes in the immersion method of language learning where a language is best learnt when taught through that same language, if it holds true for French or Persian, it holds for Sign Language as well.

In addition to the Sign Language courses, EOC has been at the forefront of creating a platform for effective interaction between the Deaf community and activists from the hearing community interested in Deaf Studies and Sign Language/ Linguistics. Towards this goal, the EOC started a monthly workshop on IPSL since 2009 where presentations on Sign Linguistics issues are made and vibrant discussion takes place. The forum attracts a large number of deaf students and teachers as well as hearing students learning Sign Language. For detailed reports on these workshops, visit the links on the right.

For any questions/ queries about any of the programmes on Sign Language at the EOC, please contact the EOC short-term courses co-ordinator here.

  • img 1IPSL Workshop I

img 2IPSL Workshop I

img3IPSL Workshop I

img4IPSL Workshop II

img5Interpretation at IPSL Workshops







The EOC ensures:

  • Affirmative actions concerning SC, ST and OBC
  • A barrier free access to all buildings of Colleges, Departments, Libraries, Hostels and Offices of the University

    No discrimination on grounds of disability or minority status

    Short term courses for imparting employable skills for the disabled and for raising awareness about disability

    Reaching out to like-minded institutes and organisations dealing with similar issues